Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Help Rebuilding Helvete!

As many of you may already know, legendary black metal shop Helvete (Oslo, Norway) was recreated with the help of Fenriz and others. Now everyone can donate to the shop maintenance via PayPal.

РayРal Account: ciiekals@hotmail.com 
Account Number: 97133323701

The source of this information is the official page of the shop https://www.facebook.com/NeseblodHelvete/info

Names of those, who made a donation will be included in this list, which will hang inside the store:

I think it's a great way to contribute to the common cause. This shop is a symbol of prosperity of the black metal, even though it was non-existent for a long time. I think if we want to keep black metal going we must support its cause by all means. 

I feel really sad that one shop like that closed before me once. It was the only black metal store located in New York City and was a part of Hospital Productions. I still feel a bit responsible for its closure, because I only bought like 3 CD's from there in 3 years, so... Now I believe that everyone must support what they like. If you really like a store, you must help it by at least buying something from it, because it may just close and all you get will be BestBuy and Walmart.

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