Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Metal releases 2015 AD

Spending hours listening to it, makes you want to talk about it. I will start and continue in no particular order other then chance occurrences inside my mind.

Onryō - Starlight and the Path to Belonging
At last we have some news about, as it turns out, one-man-band from Japan, Onryo, releasing his first (to my knowledge) official record. Remember fishing for Onryo single tracks spread across the internet a couple years ago? Well, that's what I did and that music was great. It wasn't so much a black metal per se, but it was something more, something really genuine and very experimental. Thusly, I was expecting something of a similar kind on this release, but it turned out to be just a good-quality atmospheric black metal (somehow Autumn For Crippled Children comes to mind when I think about it. Also Alcest, but there's nothing shoogazy about Onryo. My mind wasn't blown, so I'd give it sold 7/10.

Drudkh - Борозна обірвалася (A Furrow Cut Short)
Perfect instance of atmospheric black metal. It has a thickness of sound that is a requirement basically for this sub-style of black metal. It reminded me about WITTR when I was listening to it. Also some very nice dramatic/epic melodies. Giving it 10/10

Sanguine Relic - Sanguine Relic
In my opinion an exemplary raw black metal with mono underground sound guitars and scream-vocals meshed into one channel any person into raw bm will appreciate. It reminded me of Orrery, but has vocals and the atmosphere is not as far removed from reality. The name of this US band mainly intrigued me. I'm still not sure what (if any) meaning there is to it, but it sure sounds good. Given present day technological progress, I bet it is easier to make a clean recording then achieve the type of raw sound Sanguine Relic have done. Therefore, giving it 8.5/10. 

Havulinnaan - Havukruunu
Finnish people are so good at creating black metal sound I like. Even this band I never heard before with a debut album went above and beyond my expectations. This record has some extraordinary guitar solos (so unusual for canonical black metal). Heavy metal influence is not overdone and rather makes the album more interesting. Plenty of clean epic choir vocals here and there, but not too much to spoil it. Some may call it pagan. Occasional clean guitar and melody may suggest that, but putting it under banner of pagan black metal would be misleading, because there is certainly more to it. Other great Finnish bands with similar quality include Verge, Blood Red Fog and Funerary Bell. I know now! All of them, including Havulonnaan have good drummers. That does it. I'd appraise them 9.5/10.